BC&MC Law and International Business Consulting Ltda., was founded in June 1991 by Lawyer and International Consultant Dr. Manuel Vergara Echeverría.
In August 1996, Manuel Vergara Echeverría from BC&MC, Guillermo Fischer from González Fischer & Asociados from Argentina, Carlos Castellón from Castellón & Company from USA and Silvino Guinzani from Exacto Auditoría from Brazil met for the first time in Santiago de Chile. In that first Convention, they devise and agree to the creation of an international professional corporation or organization, which, in that very first Convention, they baptize with the name ICG International Consulting Group, to serve as a platform of global services for expanding markets.
Currently, ICG has more than 30 offices (integrated or collaborating) in 23 countries representing a team of more than 500 people on America and Europe.
BC&MC is a multidisciplinary firm of specialized professionals dedicated to providing legal, financial and tax consulting services, focused on business expansion and internationalization projects and comprehensive maintenance of partnerships for people who are residents and non-residents of Chile.
We are a group of professionals strongly committed to the successful management of companies and businesses, educational institutions and universities, corporations and non-profit foundations.
We are characterized by the personal attention of our partners and professionals. They prioritize preventative and proactive measures, thereby avoiding excessive charges and costs for our clients.
In 1996, we became part of ICG International Consulting Group, of which BC&MC is a co-founder, offering American and European clients legal, tax, accounting and financial consultation services from law firms, accountants and business advisors located in the 23 countries where ICG has a presence.


Manuel Vergara Echeverría

Principal Partner

International Business Lawyer

María Mondeja Yudina


International Business Lawyer


Luis Felipe Cano Münchmeyer


International Business Lawyer

Rodolfo Vergara Echeverría

Auditor and Tax Consultant

International Business Accountant

Francisco Vergara Escandón

Business Manager, USA & EU

International Business Advisor

Gina Aguilar Goycochea

Audit Accountant

International Accounts Supervisor

Loreley Mendoza

Audit Accountant

National Accounts Supervisor


Luisa Giraldo Montoya

General Manager / Shared Management / BC & MC


Diana Giraldo Montoya

Legal Director, Shared Management / BC & MC


Jorge Iván Valencia González

Legal Director, Shared Management / BC & MC