ICG is an international network of legal, accounting, tax and business management consulting firms with more than 30 offices in 23 countries in America, Europe and Asia specialized and ready to help you establish your business and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the international market.
With more than 20 years of experience, ICG has successfully positioned itself in the world of international business with its portfolio of integrated services focused on legal and tax advising and administrative and financial consulting.
ICG MISSION is to help our clients face the multiple challenges presented by their companies by providing personalized services and building strong, trusting relationships with them and their markets. We build a lasting relationship with our customers by identifying their needs, understanding their interactions and establishing an open dialogue with each of them.
ICG Values (Excellence, Loyalty, Friendship, Responsibility, Commitment) define the organization’s and its members’ approach to work. These values are evidenced by the efficient, collaborative work carried out by ICG network leaders as they practice international consulting for small, medium and large companies in the real world.


The XXIV General Assembly of Partners of the international network for auditing and legal, financial and international business consulting in the Americas and Europe (ICG- International Consulting Group), will take place in the city of Pesaro, Italy from October 23 to 25, 2019.
Italy was chosen as the venue for this year’s event, which will host the partners of ICG's XNUMX firms, thanks to its strategic position at the crossroads among Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, making the country one of the largest markets in the European Union. Two years ago, Italy joined the list of countries belonging to ICG- International Consulting Group, through its representation by the law firm Ceccarelli & Silvestri.
ICG – International Consulting Group was created 24 years ago. Currently, the organization offers a wide range of services, making businesses transparent, successful and sustainable, backed by trusting relationships.
The highlight of the Convention was the welcome to ICG to the firm CPO & Partners, a law and accounting firm based in China since 2007. This new addition extends to 23 countries where the network has a presence, opening the doors for our professionals and clients to one of the most dynamic markets in the world.
Write to us at communications@bcmc.cl to learn more about the services of our international ICG network and its extention into the global market.