ICG is an international network of legal, accounting, tax and business management consulting studios with more than 30 offices in 23 countries (and growing!) In America, Europe and Asia, specialized and ready to help you establish business and take advantage of opportunities in the international market.
With more than 20 years of experience, ICG has successfully positioned itself in the world of international business with its portfolio of integrated services focused on legal and tax advising and administrative and financial consulting.
ICG MISSION is to help our clients face the multiple challenges presented by their companies by providing personalized services and building strong, trusting relationships with them and their markets. We build a lasting relationship with our customers by identifying their needs, understanding their interactions and establishing an open dialogue with each of them.
ICG Values (Excellence, Loyalty, Friendship, Responsibility, Commitment) define the organization’s and its members’ approach to work. These values are evidenced by the efficient, collaborative work carried out by ICG network leaders as they practice international consulting for small, medium and large companies in the real world.
We are proud not only to be founding members of ICG, but also that our partner María Mondeja Yudina has been elected Secretary General of the Board of Directors of the network for the period 2020-2021.
You can learn more about our network at www.icg-business.com or write to communications@bcmc.cl to find out about global reach and the services we provide.