Business Internationalization

This is BC&MC’s core area of specialization.

We have over 28 years of experience providing legal, tax and financial services to a wide range of clients who are investing for the first time in Chile or want to expand to other countries in the Americas and Europe.

To this end, we offer the best resources in terms of experience, knowledge, databases and support. From the moment a client considers or begins to formulate a plan about bringing their company, business or institution into other markets or countries, we are ready to provide them with support, as required.

Our objectives include an effective, proactive internationalization process; the design of an appropriate legal structure; resource management and contractual obligations; and the viability, sustainability and efficiency of the business. We accompany our clients through every stage of their projects.

Whether the business will be implemented in Chile or in any of the countries in our extensive international network of partners, we supply information, advice and legal, commercial, labor, immigration, and intellectual property services. These include contractual and management tools for international trade and treaties to avoid double taxation, employing the "key in hand" concept and service warranties.

Thanks to our international network of legal, tax and financial firms -ICG (International Consulting Group)- we have specialized professionals in 22 countries who are ready to help you establish a business and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the international market.

Please inquire about which countries we serve directly and personally or via remote management.

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