Course: Corporate Governance and Family Business Experiences

We invite you to the Corporate Governance Experiences Course, organized by Gestión Compartida, ICG Colombia.

It will take place in the city of MedellÃÂn and will be aimed at all companies requiring formalizing their corporate governance policies.

Learn from the base of the experience and examples of other companies that serve as a model and practical reference for business success.

Deepen the study of the basic elements of corporate governance, with emphasis on family businesses, identifying their principles. Likewise, generate an open space to work on issues, from the academic, the practical and experiential, so that participants acquire the necessary skills for their professional practice and raise awareness of the importance of corporate governance in companies Family and non-family.


From November 8 to January 24 from 2020

For more information, contact:


Attention line: (574) 261 9500

Carrera 49 N ° 7 Sur-50

Shared Management

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