Promotion Convention Pesaro ICG 2019

The XXIV General Assembly of Partners of the international network of auditing and legal, financial and international business consulting in America and Europe ICG- International Consulting Group, will take place in the city of Pesaro, Italy from 23 to 25 October 2019.

Italy was chosen this year as the venue for this event, which will host the members of the 32 ICG firms, thanks to its strategic position at the crossroads between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, which makes the country one of the largest markets in the European Union. Two years ago Italy joined the list of countries belonging to ICG- International Consulting Group, through the representation of the law firm Ceccarelli & Silvestri.


ICG – International Consulting Group was created 24 years ago. Currently, the organization offers a wide range of services, making businesses transparent, successful and sustainable, backed by trusting relationships.

In this event, the internal themes of the organization will be mainly worked during the 3 days of activities. Likewise, ICG members will be able to exchange with entrepreneurs and other interest groups about the advantages and opportunities of investment and business in Italy, Europe and America in general, as well as generate links to continue growing the network, reaching new markets and more countries