WORKSHOP MIAMI, Workshop held on August 5 of 2013 in Miami, Florida.

Manuel Vergara Echeverría, gave the International Legal Consulting Workshop on Business Implementation in Chile, and delved into the business opportunities opened by the Chile-US free trade agreement, how to set up companies in Chile and how to partner with local entrepreneurs.

  • Legal Structures to establish a company
  • Tax System
  • Labor system
  • Application of International Laws, Customs and Treaties


USA-Chile Treaty to avoid double taxation

In February of 2010, almost seven years after having sealed a free trade agreement, Chile and the United States finally signed an agreement to avoid double taxation, which will reduce the tax burden on many companies and people who are required to declare their taxes in both countries since it still requires the ratification of the Congress of both countries. However, companies in Chile and the United States are already analyzing what the agreement represents for them and how to take advantage of it. Of course, the hope is that it will boost bilateral investment and, in particular, foreign direct investment by US companies in Chile. During the last 35 years, when Chile began the process of opening its economy, the United States has been its largest foreign investor.