Law and International Business Consulting

BC&MC's mission is to help our clients start, consolidate and expand their businesses, then solve the multiple challenges that companies face in their internationalization processes. We do this through personalized services and by building strong, trusting relationship with our clients and their markets.

We were the first in Chile to create an integrated team of legal advisors, accountants and tax advisors in service of the pursuit and development of business internationalization ideas and projects. We are also interested in contributing to the ethical and social welfare foundations of international relations.

Online Services

At BC&MC we are dedicated to developing innovative strategies to quickly, practically and effectively meet our customers' needs. For this reason, we are developing an online services platform where reports and legal documents can be requested from our professionals starting for as little as $50 USD.

BC&MC International

BC&MC has been developing its internationalization strategy since 1996 when we became a founding member of ICG -INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING GROUP, an international network of offices and professionals specialized in meeting the needs of businesses in the global market.