Pacific Alliance Investment Forum Integration, Growth and Opportunities

Thursday 26, March 2015, Brussels – Belgium AGORIA premises, Diamant Building Av. Reyers-laan 80 1030 Bruxelles

Hosted by:

  • BC & MC Law International Business Consulting
  • Binational Chambers of Commerce: Belgian-Chilean, Belgian-Colombian, Belgian-Peruvian
  • AGORIA – Belgian Federation for the Technology Industry.
  • With the support of ProChile, ProColombia, Brussels Invest and Export and the Belgian Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs

The Pacific Alliance is an economic and cooperative integration mechanism between Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru. Its main goal is to create a deeper integrated economic area to foster growth, development, and competitiveness for its member countries, by increasing the free movement of goods, services, capital, and people, and to create more opportunities for trade, investment and cooperation with the Asia Pacific region and the rest of the world. In less than 3 years, 92% of the exchanges between its four members were totally liberalized and the rest will follow on a period of 7 years maximum.
In 2014, the combined GDP of the Pacific Alliance member countries represented 40% of the total for Latin America and the Caribbean, which placed it as the 5th largest economy in the world. The Pacific Alliance has been the sixth highest receiver of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) worldwide in the last decade.
This upcoming event, will present to the audience interesting features concerning trade and investment opportunities in agriculture, natural resources (energy, oil, and mining) and manufacture in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru, as the member countries of the Pacific Alliance provide important opportunities for forming or incorporating Global Value Chains with European partners.

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