Adequate knowledge and masterful understanding of judicial and administrative authorities allow for sufficient planning and ideal compliance with local and international regulations in the areas of taxes, financial management, currency trading, transfer prices, investments, capital and retained earnings, and the general management of companies and financial initiatives

Through the integration and exchange of information among professionals in local BC&MC offices and ICG International Consulting Group partners, we have the capacity to provide timely and reliable information about systems, regulations and national and international technical standards relating to taxes, control procedures and the rights and obligations of companies, citizens and foreigners.

  • Main Services

    • Comprehensive tax audits
    • National and international tax planning
    • Study and application of international trade agreements
    • Study of treaties preventing double taxation
    • Exemptions, franchises and use of investment incentive mechanisms
    • Monitoring and reports on transfer pricing
    • Tax-free regions
    • Customs suspension systems
    • Practice and enforcement of regulations against crime, fraud, and money and asset laundering
    • Complain and Controlling
    • “Offshore” systems
    • Other specialized services: Valuation of Companies, Financial Evaluation, Risk Assessment