From the very beginning of a project, BC&MC provides design and implementation for business, educational and institutional initiatives through its associated professional specialists.

The majority of Business Plans start with market studies and support in acquiring partners, distributors and representatives, as well as marketing and promotional tools.

The integration between professionals from different specialties, united in supporting business expansion and execution procedures of for-profit and non-profit economic, educational and institutional initiatives, ensures the best conditions for success.

  • 1. Analysis of Business Opportunities in New Markets

    1. Reactive: If a client locates a business opportunity on its own accord, we will deepen the investigation and analyze interest and viability according to the objectives and needs of the client;
    2. Proactive: BC&MC regularly provides information to our customers about business, investment, public procurement and bidding opportunities, among others circulating the international market.

  • 2. Market Studies to guide decision-making regarding strategies and target markets:

    Tipos de estudio:

    1. Standard (basic market information, demand, competition, barriers to entry, marketing channels).
    2. Full (Based on the Standard study, but includes more details in accordance with customer’s needs).
    3. Custom: Ad hoc study based on the needs and specifications provided by the customer.

  • 3. Location of suppliers or customers

    • Identification of the most suitable business partners in the country.
    • Assistance in the search for and selection of suppliers, importers and exporters.
    • Search for business partners in ICG countries. Preparation of agendas.

  • 4. Marketing

    • Organization of promotional, informational and training workshops, seminars and events for commercial, educational, institutional and cultural interest areas.
    • Plans and promotional campaigns. Hiring and supervision.
    • Assistance and support in the creation of Mission Statements with or without business conference agendas.
    • Presentations of products and services to potential customers, showrooms, fairs, etc.

  • 5. Project Management

    This service helps investors and business leaders who do not want to (or have not yet decided to) migrate or reside in the country where the project is located. Through this mechanism, they have a trustworthy delegate or manager that controls project execution and the business plan, according to the decisions and objectives of said investors and business leaders.