Given the state and context of the current global economy, timely and appropriate information and advice are invaluable tools for business expansion projects and implementation of businesses and international initiatives, in order to ensure effective planning and development with competitive advantages.

The best legal structure is one that will better serve those processes and initiatives. It must be adapted to the local market; the specific context of participants, partners and investors; the objectives of their initiatives; and the project in general.

An appropriate legal structure will allow better management and administration of resources; adequate compliance with trade, monetary, tax, and environmental regulations, local customs; etc. in accordance with the type of business concerned

  • Legal Consulting

    Legal management consulting

    • Oral and written reports
    • Negotiation and agreement assistance, contract drafting
    • Master Agreement, implementation, mergers and acquisitions of companies and businesses
    • Integrated multinational legal and commercial frameworks
    • Study and recommendation of legal structures and business operation models


    Matters of Foreign Investment and Migration

    • Reports and assistance aimed at foreign investors and companies wishing to invest abroad, whether they include local partners or not.
    • International trade
    • Foreign investment mechanisms
    • Statutes and legislation applicable to foreigners
    • Statutes and legislation applicable to companies which invest abroad
    • Regulation of migration issues for executives who move to countries to conduct business or investment
    • Visa requests, obtainment and extensions

    International trade

    • Exports and imports.
    • Transfer prices and currency trading.
    • Tax, franchise, tariff benefit, tax refund, tax exemption and preferential rate systems, among others.
    • International agreements and treaties
    • Capital regulations, capital goods trading and reinvestment of profits

    Commercial Matters, Banking and Corporate

    • Legal structures appropriate to each business project.
    • Incorporation and implementation of companies and businesses. Maintenance of for-profit and non-profit companies.
    • Trust commissions.
    • Trusts.
    • Capital markets.
    • Credit, guarantee and associated operations policies.
    • Mergers, acquisitions and dissolutions.
    • Reorganization of natural or legal persons due to insolvency or market impact.

    Labor Matters

    • Conflict prevention and psycholaboral intervention.
    • Resolution of company–worker conflicts.
    • Collective or individual contracts and agreements. Collective bargaining.
    • Internal regulations.
    • Audits.
    • Work audits.
    • Legal consulting.

  • Industrial and Intellectual Property

    Industrial Property

    • Investigation of trademarks, patents and registered models.
    • Protection and defense of registered rights or pending registrations.
    • Processing of rights, trademarks and patents.
    • Preventive monitoring of rights.
    • Trademark, patent and industrial rights transfers.

    Intellectual Property

    • The aforementioned services as they correspond to copyright.

  • Conflict Resolution

    • Negotiation.
    • Mediation.
    • Arbitration.
    • Court assistance.