The international management and implementation of business and financial establishment and expansion, internationalization, and cultural and institutional projects require several associated services functioning in an integrated and coordinated way.

These services are provided by professionals, firms and offices selected independently by BC&MC and coordinated and associated with BC&MC’s own services.

  • Psycholaboral advice, consultancy and interventions

    Our psychology professionals are prepared to offer psycholaboral advice, consultancies and interventions in accordance with the needs of modern businesses. These services include providing management models, risk and security interventions, as well as evaluations of organizational climate, diagnostics, recruitment, training and other services, and are delivered in accordance with international quality and labor security standards.

    Our psychology professionals have vast experience in these lines of work, having conducted a variety of interventions and consultancies for a series of mining and service industry businesses such as Finning, Rock Drilling, Nevada, Barrick, Enaex, CMP and others. The services function within the labor conditions framework and that of CET Unit Managers and MDT Psychology from Mutual de Seguridad and ICG – Chile.

    Los psicólogos de ICG como parte de su equipo le asesorarán e intervendrán en materias tales como:

    • Orientation on the scope of Occupational Mental Health, according to the provisions of law 16.744, Section 77 bis, which since 2005 conceived mental health as a labor right.
    • Diagnostics of personality and occupational roles.
    • Management and risk management of medium and large mining companies.
    • Recruitment and selection of staff at the managerial and upper management levels.
    • Mass psycholaboral selection and evaluation of workers at companies associated with mining or other businesses.
    • Emergency interventions after incidents or critical events.
    • Survey of labor competencies by use of DACUM.
    • Evaluation of the working environment.
    • Training in leadership, power bases, empathic attitude, etc., for regulators, supervisors and top executives at the management and headquarters levels.
    • On-site coaching and training.
    • Communications advice in times of crisis.
    • Evaluation of ability to interpret risk, of the state of alert and behavioral aspects for mass groups of workers from the mining industry.
    • Training of psychometric and risk prevention supervisors.
    • Training in handling conflicts and labor mediation.

  • Financial Accounting and Control

    BC & MC is prepared to assist in the initial implementation phase of accounting, controlling, financial and administrative consulting services. During the first phase, or from the beginning, the project, business structure, customer and its companies must have an in-house accounting department and an external control to ensure confidence in local management by owners, investors, controllers and shareholders.

    Once the business is underway, we can assist the customer in organization of its accounting department and controller services:

    • Review of reports, statements and accounting operations
    • Review of regulations and standards compliance for tax and commercial operations.
    • Assistance and definition of work programs, legal restructuring and other management processes that the owners, drivers, investors and administrators require for management and success of the project.