We help our clients resolve the multiple challenges that face their businesses through personalized service and the building of trusting relationships with them and their markets.

BC & MC is a boutique law firm specialized and focused on the expansion and internationalization of business projects. Founded in 1991, it has evolved into a group of professionals strongly committed to the success of business management, companies, education institutions and universities, as well as corporations and non-profit foundations.

The professional services international corporation and network, ICG International Consulting Group, was incorporated in 1996. BC&MC is a founding member of this group, offering legal, tax, accounting and financial consulting services to its Ibero-American customers by way of lawyer and accountant offices, consultants and business advisors located in countries and cities where ICG is present.

We are a pioneer office in Chile in the area of Management Consulting, integrating the various offices and services that businesses and management require for international expansion and development.

Essential to our way of doing business is the personal attention offered by our partners, our interest in integrating ourselves into our client’s management team and our dedication to preventative and proactive measures.

BC& MC and ICG International local and global policies recognize the need to contribute to the economic development of countries; companies of all sizes; as well as commercial, educational and social initiatives, in a legally and ethically responsible way. We are committed to efficiency, to teamwork and to the prevention of disputes. Through our personal services, we contribute to understanding, cooperation, peace and progress in the international community.


CEO - Principal Lawyer
legal director
General Manager- Gestión compartida
Innovation and Business Development Manager - Gestión compartida
Key Account Manager - Gestión compartida


The lawyer and international consultant Manuel Vergara Echeverria founded BC&MC Law and International Business Consulting Ltda. in June of 1991.
It was August of 1996 in Santiago, Chile when Manuel Vergara Echeverría, Guillermo Gonzalez Fischer’s Argentine firm, Carlos Castellón’s firm, associates in the U.S.A. and Silvino Gunizani’s Brazilian firm, Exacto Auditoría, decided to form an international professional organization, a platform for global services in developing markets, under the name ICG International Consulting Group .

ICG is known for being a law firm with accountants and independent financial advisors committed to personalized and integrity-based services subject to annual efficiency audits.
All partners are professionals who meet, share information and support each other. Therefore, in each country where ICG is present, clients have a true window to the world – the advantage of knowing how, when and with whom to do business.
Currently, ICG has more than 24 integrated and collaborating offices in 19 countries representing a team of more than 500 people on the American and European continents.