ICG International Consulting Group, officially incorporated in 1996, is an organization made up of professional legal and financial offices. Since its inception, it has participated in modern globalization processes based on solid ethical principles, professional rigor, strict quality control and a business vision.
With currently more than 24 offices in 19 countries in Latin America and more than 500 professionals, ICG has positioned itself successfully in the world of small and medium-sized businesses, in addition to offering consulting services to large corporations.

ICG is a window to the world of service. Our clients, before leaving their country, can count on the assistance of international experts for preparation of their business plans, design of the best legal structure, establishment and expansion of their business projects, development of their business activities, and execution of their for-profit and non-profit institutional, cultural and education initiatives.

The management of projects, business, initiatives, institutions and companies requires the integration of multidisciplinary teams and, in many cases, personalized attention; and these are the goals of ICG.

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